Model 320

The ultimate combination of comfort and ease-of-use for stairs that turn

  • Designed for outdoor use, the Model 320 is built to withstand heavy rain, dusty wind and salt-laden sea-breezes.
  • The chair rides along a 4" wide rail which is securely fastened to some of the stair treads.
  • The chair is battery powered, and trickle-charges constantly so that the stairlift is always ready for use. The battery-charger needs to be kept dry, so is usually placed indoors, with a low-voltage wire going to the stairlift.
  • Keyed landing-controls prevent unauthorized use of the stairlift.
  • A sturdy cover may be used to protect the stairlift when not in use.
  • All Stannah stairlifts are tested at full load for the equivalent of 10 years of use, and the motor/gearbox is tested for the equivalent of 20 years. This is a robust stairlift designed to serve you well.

Front dimensions
Side dimensions
Plan dimensions

Dimensions measured from the wall are nominal - the addition of a wide baseboard or similar obstruction may affect the dimensions taken from this point. The dimensions are accurate, but you should add 1" clearance for the user.

  • Weight limit: 300lbs.
  • Minimum stair width: about 27". (The stairlift takes up less, but you need room for the users' knees)
  • Distance between armrests: 19"
  • Depth of seat cushion: 15"
  • Seat height from floor: 21"
  • Space needed at the bottom of the stairs: about 27" in front of first step (but chair can be folded and sent up the stairs when not in use)
  • Folded width from wall: 12.9"
  • Rail protrusion at bottom landing: about 15"
  • Rail protrusion at top landing: about 4", but can be installed at 0" if there is a door at the top
  • Width of rail: 4"
  • Distance of rail from baseboard: usually about 3¾"
  • Speed: about 18'/minute
  • Landing controls: two, hard-wired
  • Battery life - stairlift: typically 3-5 years
  • Service interval: twice-yearly service is recommended
  • User maintenance required: none, but a wipe down with a damp cloth is OK for cleaning
  • Standard safety devices:
    • Seat belt
    • Over-speed governor: required in public buildings, so we fit one to all our stairlifts
    • Safety sensors: on the footrest and both sides of chair, to stop the stairlift if it touches an obstruction
    • Constant battery-charging: to prevent dead batteries, the biggest cause of call-outs for most stairlifts
    • Key lock: under one armrest

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